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Reinvent your approach toward energy saving and start living smart.
Sunmate makes investing in Solar, easy, affordable, and accessible. We have experts to help you every step of the way for Commercial Solar Panel and Resedential Solar Panel.
Why cut corners on quality? Choose a product that achieves results from a service provider you can believe in.
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Quality, Guaranteed

Products You Can Trust Installed By The Experts

incentives Solar panels and inverters built by veteran solar manufacturers
incentives All Products are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved
incentives Installation by technicians accredited by Clean Energy Council (CEC) with years of industry experience
incentives Unmatched customer service backed by industry-leading 25-year performance warranty Products

Why Solar?

Home And Business Owners Are Going Solar In Record Numbers, Check Why:

incentives You’ll reduce your carbon footprint
incentives You’ll fight climate change

incentives You’ll lower your monthly bills and protect yourself against rising utility rates

incentives You’ll increase the equity in your home


Solar Reduces Your Bills From Day 1 – And The Savings Are Tax-Free

The simple brilliance of solar power is that it offsets your home’s energy usage from day dot. Our calculator shows that a 6.6kW solar system (which is the typical size installed these days) conservatively delivers around $2000 a year in savings.
For example, the following are estimated simple payback periods and savings over ten years for a 6.6kW solar system installed in the various capitals; using the calculator’s default settings:

  • Brisbane: 3 years (10 years savings: $22,696)
  • Sydney: 3 years (10 years savings: $22,131)
  • Melbourne: 3 years (10 years savings: $20,815)
  • Adelaide: 3 years (10 years savings: $25,173)
  • Perth: 5 years (10 years savings: $14,386)
  • The best part? Money you save through solar is tax-free – as it’s not considered income.
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Solar power will save you money – Installing Solar power enables you to generate your own Electricity. Sunmate is a 100% Australian Owned and Operated with its Head Office in Melbourne, Victoria.
The leadership of Sunmate has been involved in energy cost reduction activities for over 18 years.
Sunmate is continually driven to supply the best and high-quality products at affordable prices that guarantee Australian home and business owners massive saving on electricity bills.
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Behind Our Unmatched Products And Services!

Our Strengths

Skilled work-force

Sunmate works with the best installation teams in the industry. Our professional and qualified installers demonstrate a high level of competence in design and installation.

Quality Assurance

All panels and Inverters supplied by Sunmate are approved by the Clean Energy Council and meet Australian Standards for use in the design and installation of solar PV systems.

Customer Service

We at Sunmate believe in the saying ‘Good service is good business.’ We understand the importance of keeping our customers happy and that focus will remain the same from day one to years down the line.

Solar Solution Experts

Our solar solution experts have years of industry experience and undergo continual training and professional development, ensuring we deliver the highest degree of service with the greatest possible results for our customers.

Quick & Easy Finance

Sunmate partners with the most trusted finance option in the industry. Our finance providers have the same mission as ours – To provide great, hassle free service to our customers.

Best Value Services

Our solar solution experts will offer a value for money Solar PV System that maximizes your savings. Further, all our systems are at zero dollar deposit/up-front costs.